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We are happy and delighted with everything at Prisha Orchid. From its design, pricing, transparency and its amazing sales and CRM team. Prisha Orchid its truly unique!!! A huge Thank You for your professionalism and creativity.

- Mrs. Nayana Kariappa and Mr. Anup Chandran, #10602 - Orchids

It is a unique feature on the part of Prisha Properties management to conduct a presentation about their project “Hanging Gardens”, one of the IGBC Platinum rated ones, to their customers. I have not come across any builder providing such a platform for the customers to express their opinion, inviting suggestions etc.

They were also open to critical view of a few customers during the occasion. After hearing various view-points raised by members present, management teams from respective departments, answered the queries and cleared the doubts, and also agreed to take note of the some of the valid points raised. Later, staff members took us to the model flat and explained various facilities that are provided. Meeting was wound up with a good delicious lunch.

On the whole, the meeting was well organized and was very useful. Customer relations are excellent, the dealings are very much transparent and all the details relevant to the project are provided in detail in the system including the elaborate legal opinion.

I am confident that they will also deliver in the same manner fulfilling all aspects that stand committed. Wishing them all good luck!

- S.Nagarajan, #702 - Hanging Gardens